About Michael HoffeeSeller Information
It is critical to choose a Realtor with whom you feel comfortable - one who instills confidence and is trustworthy.  With no pressure or commitment, I will provide you with a free comparative market analysis of your home.  We will look at all the intricate details and critical decisions to be made concerning the marketing and sale of your home.  We will also go over the transaction process and I will provide you with documents to be familiar with, so when the time comes, you'll be ready.

Market Timing/Seasonal Selling
As a full-time professional Realtor, I have my finger on the pulse of the real estate market. Contrary to what some agents will tell you, it is not always a good time to sell or buy. However, avoid believing that home sales are just seasonal. Homes are always selling.

Profit - Inducing Repairs
It often costs more money to sell your home in its present condition than if you make a few repairs.  Some repairs increase a home's value while others do not. Some minor improvements yield several times what they cost at the time of sale. In evaluating your home, I will advise you on improvements that can increase the selling price.

Pricing Your Home
One of the most important reasons to find the right professional Realtor is to make sure your property is priced appropriately for a timely and profitable sale. The real estate market has nuances.  If your property is priced too high, it will sit stagnant and develop an identity as a problem property.  If priced too low, it could cost you considerable profits.  I will provide a comparative market analysis of recently sold properties relevant to your home's size, location and condition.  Knowledgeable interpretation of this information, in conjunction with current absorption rates and your timeframe, will determine the appropriate asking price for your home.  The most common mistake sellers make is listing with an agent who arbitrarily tells them they can get a price that is higher than what another agent told them.

Preparing Your Home for Sale
I will advise you on simple ways to improve buyer perceptions of your home's value and desirability.  This is called staging.  Minor changes can dramatically improve the chances of your home selling for top dollar and sooner than other homes in the same price range.

Maximum exposure to potential buyers is the key to successfully marketing of your home.  I utilize the Internet, print ads, direct mail, the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), brokerage presentations, associate tours, open houses and special promotions with professional photography and graphics.  Special emphasis is given to online marketing.  My methods for exposure in the marketplace are second to none.  I will provide you with a plan and a service guarantee designed specifically to sell your property.

I set the stage for a sale when I show your property.  Arriving before a potential buyer, I adjust details such as lighting, music, window coverings, etc. to best showcase your home.

I research the listing agent to examine their experience and track record.  I also probe and research to learn as much as possible about the buyer’s urgency, intent and qualifications.  This provides you with as much leverage as possible.

I coordinate with the lender, appraiser, inspectors and title companies - paying personal attention to the details.  This ensures a smooth transaction and a satisfying experience.