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The Holladay Area has both new homes and older homes...it is just the right place for all tastes. A quaint little community, Holladay lies between 4500 south to 6800 south and 1300 east to Interstate 215. The schools are smaller and more manageable; more attention is given to students. This community is located between two canyons, Millcreek and Big Cottonwood, giving it easy access to ski resorts. Holladay is Salt Lake County?s most exclusive subdivision and its residents are among the highest purchasers of investments in the state.

Located at the base of Mt. Olympus, Holladay Utah has much to offer the people who live in it. It is graced with the presence of four beautiful seasons; a flowering spring, a warm, dry summer with temperatures in the 90?s, a crisp fall with beautiful foliage, a winter filled with many beautiful snowstorms that cover the ground with snow acclaimed as the best on earth. Although Utah is a desert, irrigation systems and natural water sources have made Holladay a place lush with trees. When looking upon the Salt Lake Valley from above, one can distinctly see the Holladay area at the east end of the basin because of its thick covering of cottonwood trees. Not only is it beautiful, but full of activity.

Downtown Salt Lake City, with its symphony, museums, historic Temple Square, great shopping plazas, zoo, university and colleges, and other wonderful features is only a short drive (just 14 miles away). Another short drive takes you directly to the Delta hub of the West, the Salt Lake International Airport. Holladay itself also contains many theaters, businesses, stores, restaurants, schools, and other exciting opportunities.

With a land area of about 18 square Kilometers, and a population of 14,095, which is made up of 4,927 families, Holladay is a very family oriented area rich with values and perfect for raising children. Anyone who lives here would gladly tell you that Holladay is a wonderful place to live.