About Michael HoffeeBuyer Information
It is critical to choose a Realtor with whom you feel comfortable-one who instills confidence and is trustworthy.  This is rarely a 5-minute decision, so when we first meet there will be no irreversible commitment or pressure.  We both need to make sure we are the right fit for each other and establish rapport.  I will assist you in defining your property wants, needs and desires-including location, size, amenities, condition and timeframe.  We'll go over the transaction process and I'll provide you with documents to be familiar with, so when the time comes, you'll be ready.

If needed, I will introduce you to lenders with a proven reputation who can provide you with information about available loan programs.  Today's mortgage market is constantly changing and very competitive.  I will assist you in finding and evaluating financing that is customized to your needs.

Exposure to Inventory
I will provide you with reports of all available properties using your criteria and add daily updates.  You will also be directed to "Pocket Listings" (those properties that are available for sale, but not yet formally on the market).

Property Showings
In some cases I am able to preview available properties, so your valuable time is spent viewing only those that meet your needs.  Tours are carefully arranged to be time efficient and comfortable.

Once the list of properties has been narrowed down to those that are of interest to you, I will give experienced advice on the pros and cons of each property. You will also be advised of market trends that could influence your decision.

My guidance in preparing your purchase offer will help ensure that you are in a position of strength, with terms that protect your best interest.  I research the listing agent to examine their experience and track record, which can expose weaknesses we can take advantage of.  When possible, I present offers in-person to the seller.

Once an agreement is made to purchase a property, I'll advise and assist you in evaluating different types of property inspections.  This ensures the property is as represented, there are not any surprises and you are comfortable with what you are buying.  I accompany all inspections.

I coordinate with the lender, appraiser, inspectors and title companies-paying personal attention to details and deadlines.  This ensures a smooth transaction and a satisfying experience.